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Welcome to Elivia from Australia !

par Véronique NOEL.
Mis à jour le mercredi 13 juin 2012

Les élèves de 5D vous présentent Elivia Lerable, leur nouvelle camarade de classe.

Elivia Lerable lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She is staying in Normandy for a couple of months to learn French.

Elivia is 13 years old. She was born in Tasmania but she lives in Melbourne. Her mother is a beauty therapist and her stepfather is a house developer. She has got a little half-brother who eats, sleeps and complains non stop ! She supports a football team called The Hawks. Elivia goes to an all girls school (compared to a prison for women, lol !). She wears a navy blue school uniform. Pupils get detentions when their hair isn’t tied up, when they wear the wrong colour of ribbon or the wrong shoes or scarf. Most pupils in her school have Ipads, they are lucky !

Elivia told us that there are six states ( Queensland, New South Wales, Northern territory, Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria) and one island, Tasmania, in Australia. The capital city of Australia is Canberra.
They don’t have euros in Australia, they have dollars. Elivia showed us a photo of a strange and poisonous fish called the blob fish. There are lots of wild animals in Australia : kangaroos, spiders, snakes, koalas, wombats, etc... The Great Bareer Reef in Queensland is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It is the biggest reef in the world. It can be seen from space. It is in danger because of the global warming process.

Around 6 million people live in Melbourne. When you go to melbourne, you should visit the Eureka Tower which is 300 metres high and the Gelong water park. The Melbourne Cup held on the first Tuesday of November every year is a famous horse-race ; people dress up, go and see the race or watch it on tv because it’s a public holiday in Australia.

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